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Jul 17, 2006 09:27 PM

VA Wine Country Dinner

I am trying to plan a trip somewhere close to nova for my fathers big bday celebration. I have 8 people in the party and was wondering if anyone had any recomendations on vinyards and resturants in the same area having moderate prices and somewhat of a casual atmosphere. Thanks.

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  1. Try Grandale Farm Restaurant near Hillsboro. This is the link:

    1. Moderate and casual out in the Virginia countryside near vineyards:

      Mosby's Tavern, Middleburg
      Hunter's Head, Upperville
      Griffin Tavern, Flint Hill
      Thorton River Grill, Sperryville

      Each of these places are within 10-15 minutes of at least 2 vineyards, but I can't think of any places closer.

      You can locate the wineries nearby by going to

      1. Flint Hill Public House in Flint Hill is another good choice.

        We are having lunch tomorrow at Thornton River Grille in Sperryville. I will post a report. It seems to have a good rep among locals.

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          Very nice lunch at Thornton River Grille in Sperryville. Mrs. W got a grilled portobello sandwich (came with outstanding fries) and I got a ribeye steak salad. Both excellent.

          Since this was a rare "no kids" meal we decided to splurge and have dessert. I was a bit disappointed that there were no fruit-based desserts at this time of year, but the chocolate-coconut break pudding w/ creme anglaise and fresh whipped cream was simply amazing. Mrs. W, who is not a bread pudding lover, ate almost half of it. Fortunately her creme brulee was excellent and gigantic too.

          The restaurant is small, casual, and very friendly. Definitely a good wine country option.

        2. Ashby Inn in Paris VA is another great dining option near Middleburg vineyards.

          1. How about The Rail Stop in The Plains? Perhaps a bit precious rather than casual??
            The prices are sort of on the high end of moderate - but the food is good. Robert Duvall frequents here.
            If you are interested, you should call way ahead, as it is a small place.
            You might also consider this and/or any of the places above for lunch instead of dinner - which would be cheaper.
            Have fun!

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              i don't think the rail stop is there anymore, it's changed hands several times since Duvall owned it, and at last stop whatever was there was really medicore. If you're in the Plains try Girasole, an outstanding restaurant right next to the train tracks, with reasonasable prices, a gorgeous but casual atmosphere, and fresh creative italian.