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Jul 17, 2006 09:08 PM

great hamburger in brooklyn

other then peter lugers where can I find a great burger in brooklyn

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  1. DuMont in Willamsburg has good burgers.

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    1. re: subinai

      Second the DuMont burger!

      Great pickle chips and fries as well. And priced right to boot!

      1. re: CornflakeGirl

        Went there last night and, while I did not have the burger, my friends - who are burger fiends like me - loved them. One declared it to be in the top 3, and he travels extensively for burgers (and has pretty much eaten every one from the "top lists" in the city). The slicked pickles, pickled onions, and overall quality of the burger looked fantastic - looked to be served on a nice brioche bun and the medium rares were cooked perfectly. My wife and I had already eaten, but decided to split the Mac and Cheese, which was fantastic (especially with bacon in it). To top it off, and an entirely off-topic comment, but they gain highest marks for playing Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra during the dinner service - one of the greatest bands out there.

    2. Bonnie's on Fifth Ave in the Slope, great jalapenos for topping available, and BEST fries. diner ambience.

      Stone Park down the street (Fifth Ave at 3rd St, Slope), also delicious burger. Fancy place.

      1. I second the vote for Bonnies. Great wings and fries and if you're feeling a little healthier you can sub a nice salad with the burger.

        The burgers at Bar Tabac on Smith Street are fantastic too. Good fries as well. Wash it down with a Kronenbourg 1664, Mmmmmmmm.

        1. Helios in Park Slope makes a great burger and fries. I also like the burgers at Rhythm 'n Booze in Windsor Terrace, but they can be hit or miss.

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          1. re: Claire

            I second Helios. Also love Bonnie's burger, but I must say that I'm an even bigger fan of their pulled pork sandwich.

          2. HEIGHTS CAFE on Montague and Hicks has excellent burgers. Served with freshly made fries or onion rings they make a delicious burger.