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Jul 17, 2006 09:01 PM

Is There No Decent ICED Coffee In Murray Hill?

I've lived in Murray Hill for years (not anymore tho) and have worked here even longer. I can't find a decent cup of iced coffee to save my life. Chez Laurence has good hot coffee but the iced, not so much. I enjoy Starbucks iced lattes, but hate spending that much money on a daily basis. I just want a rich, good tasting iced coffee that I can get on a daily basis which isn't going to break the bank.

I tried McDonalds new iced coffee, the hazelnut, which wasn't half bad - so I guess I need to go back and try the plain version. It sure was inexpensive, like $2 for an enormous container of it. and it was a surprise to me - a richer roast than the old coffee made to order, even rather lovingly prepared if I dare say it by the workers who were taking much care with the measuring of ice, coffee and milk. Plus the cup didn't a screaming red and yellow McDonalds logo plastered all over it either.

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  1. i'm a big fan of oren's. i think there's one around 30th or 31st and 3rd. potency holds up to the ice without that burnt starbucks taste. they also make a great iced latte (which i get when i fill up my punch card!)

    1. I buy the beans from Orens in Grand Central to bring home when I'm in the mood to take a walk. Love their coffee. Too bad that's just a bit too far from my office <sigh>

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        There is an Oren's on Third Ave between 30th and 31st. Next to Iron Sushi.

      2. Croissant Shop on the corner of Park and 28th has great no frills iced coffee. They deliver anything over 5$.
        Great egg sandwiches too.