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Jul 17, 2006 08:51 PM

best ramen and izakaya in tokyo

i'll be in tokyo beginning of august - and although it'll be hot out i am crazy about ramen and really looking forward to trying tokyo's. please advise? i also love japanese home cooking, so izakaya recs would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much!

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  1. Why don't you start with a search of what's already posted on CH? Your exact question has come up many, many times and there's already a lot of good information. Even in the last week...I recognize your user name from the Minca discussion on the Manhattan board the other day. If you want a more authentic (read: tasty) tonkotsu experience, I can recommend 3 popular ramen franchises in Tokyo- Ichiran, Jangara, and Tenka-Ippin. Google should be able to help you find a location, as you didn't state where in Tokyo you will be....Anyhow, stay cool and drink lots of cold mugi-cha (wheat tea). It'll be hot!

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      oh - well, my bad. i did search ramen on chowhound japan and saw some ramen recommendations but wanted more. just now i realized i wasn't searching the whole site and saw recs - i'm new to this site. anyway, we're staying in shinjuku. also was curious about izakaya. thanks for the recommendation.

    2. For ramen, the place that spills out onto the sidewalk near the intersection of Meiji-dori and Shinjuku-dori. For izakaya, either of the Donjaga's in Shinjuku san-chome.

      1. For a great izakaya, I went last evening to Shunju in Roppongi. Upscale, great food. They have several shops around town.

        For ramen, go to my website and do a search under "ramen" under blogs and articles. Several suggestions come up.

        1. Shunju is awesome. Went to the one in Shibuya years ago and also tried the one in Roppongi later. Both offers good food, nice selection of sake and a romantic atmosphere.

          1. The best standard-issue ramen I've ever had is from a little shop on an unassuming street near Sangen-jaya station. It's called Ryu-mai. They do a terrific miso ramen, but this time of year, the shio ramen comes highly recommended. Their spicy specialty -- Ryu-mai Ramen -- topped with shredded scallion and chopped roast pork is a personal favorite. Great gyoza there too. The shop's off the beaten path, but worth seeking out. I think you could find it by taking the Carrot Tower exit out of Sangen-jaya station. It's on the street behind the police box. You can ask there for the shop and the police will point it out for sure. I think there might be a McDonald's at the end of that street too.
            Also, if you like tan-tan-men-style ramen, there's a place outside Shibuya station called Asuka. They serve it with bok-choi and fried pork cutlets on top. The shop's right on Route 246. Leave Shibuya station's Yamanote line south exit and take the overpass, and it's right there. Eat their gyoza too.