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Jul 17, 2006 08:47 PM

Quick dinner around House of Blues on Sunset?

Going to the Fray concert this week at the House of Blues but want to catch a quick bite to eat before the show. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. For a quick, tasty inexpensive bite I'd go to Carney's(almost across the street a little to the east) for a dog or burger and fries.
    Or to Poquito Mas(about two blocks west) for some tacos or a burrito.

    1. Go to Cafe Med if you have a little more time. Good food, not too pricey, really nice to sit out on the patio, one of my favorite ceasar salads in the whole city (with sundried tomatoes and grilled chicken). The patio is great for people watching and is perfect for the summer weather. You probably only need an hour or so and its nicer than going to a fast food place. enjoy!

      1. Cabo Cantina across the street, good food, great happy hour drinks 4-8, its 2 for 1..

        1. Not sure how late they're open to, but Greenblatt's Deli is on Sunset just on the other side (east) of Crescent Heights, not too far away.

          1. The restaurant in the House of Blues is much better than you'd expect.

            (True story: When I was in New Orleans at the Jazz Fesival, I'd always ask locals for restaurant recommendations and more than a few would recommend the New Orleans House of Blues. I'd tell them I don't want some touristy place and they'd say "No, the food is really pretty good.)

            Anyways ... I've eaten there a few times. It's good and it's convenient as you only have to park your car once. You can even hear the opening acts while you eat. Make a reservation, it gets crowded.