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Jul 17, 2006 08:40 PM

where to buy honeycomb?

anyone know? preferably near the Mission?

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  1. Marshall's Farm (located in San Rafael) sells honey and honeycomb at the Ferry Building Saturdays and Tuesdays.

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    1. re: rootlesscosmo

      Marshall is no longer at the Tuesday Ferry Building market. There's another local honey producer there, though, that also has honeycomb (and delicious honey).

      Edited to add: I just realized I have a jar of their honey on my desk, it's Snyders Honey from La Honda (San Mateo County). I bought the Tanbark Oak Honey from them -- it's a delicious medium-weight honey with a lovely reddish amber color. Tan-bark oak is a Pacific coastal forest species, and isn't really an oak at all -- it's actually related to the chestnut.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I only buy my honey from Snyders!!! the usually have a lil table set up at the market/ Deli Across from Alices' Restuarant. When Me and my BF ride the motorcycle up we always buy a jar. I havent seen any actualy honeycomb, tho, ill ask next time!! :)

        1. re: darcyjean66

          Funny you resurrected this thread -- I'm just about to add some Snyder's Toyon Berry honey to my morning yogurt.

    2. A little closer to the Mission, there's a vendor at the Alemany Farmers market on Saturdays that sells a ton of varieties of honey and honeycomb. The guy who runs the stand is very friendly and informative.

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        In the past when I lived in Noe we went there every Saturday and he had GREAT honey and wonderful honeycombs and was super nice to boot. Discussed his honeys and honey in general.

      2. Beekind is now in the ferry building. They might not have it on hand, but may bring from their Sebastopol store.

        1. Not in the Mission but just across the Bay in Oakland is Khaled Almaghafi store/business - Bee Healthy Honey - on Telegraph & 36th Street. The honey is amazingly floral and prices are good from what I hear.

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          1. re: gordon wing

            There's a honey store right on the corner of 20th & Lexington in the Mission, but I can't remember the name and I've never been inside...

            1. re: Zach Georgopoulos

              It's Her Majesty's Secret Beekeper :

              Unfortunately according to the website it looks like they're closing down on August 31st. Too bad; very neat concept. Not sure if they sold honeycomb but plenty of honey and bees.

              Her Majesty's Secret Beekeeper
              3520 20th Street, Suite C San Francisco, CA

          2. I saw honeycomb in a jar at Rainbow Market this week. Not sure if your looking for something fresher then that, but it is in the Mission.

            Rainbow Market
            1811 23rd St, San Pablo, CA