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Jul 17, 2006 08:36 PM

any chill and relaxing sit-down bakery/cafe?

Hi I was wondering if there are any place to sit down and chat with a friend bakery places that are not cramped like starbucks. Thanks!

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  1. What neighborhood are you talking about?

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    1. re: fauchon

      Any where in the city, preferrably downtown

    2. Rocco's on Bleecker just past 6th ave, and whatever the one right next to it is called. Besides that, it depends on how attached you are to it being a bakery: City Bakery (not a bakery in the traditional sense), Joe, on Waverly or around Union Square. Try searching for coffee using the board's search engine, lists come up all the time.

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      1. re: carcrash

        joe was a good place! the capuccino was impressive.

        1. re: carcrash

          Is that location of Rocco's superior to the LaGuardia Place location, or are they equally good?

          1. re: Pan

            Is there a Rocco's on LaGuardia? Are you thinking of Bruno Bakery?

        2. 'Snice on Hudson and W. 4th is an all around fave -- ample seating and is not chaotic during a weekday. Plus, they have great coffee, baked goods, and real food + wifi and the paper ...

          Other nearby notables -- Grounded on Jane off W. 4th; Joe on Waverly, west of 6th Ave.; and Doma on Perry, west of 7th Ave.

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          1. re: aleppo

            I live Doma - the food, the ambiance, the prices - but I've only seen it crowded (ie, not a place to linger overlong).

          2. try 88 orchard at orchard and broome sts on the lower east side. it's pretty busy midday on the weekends but very chill otherwise. great neighborhood, cute cafe, and - as a bonus - close to il laboratorio del gelato and guss' pickles!

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            1. re: raybird

              one of my favorite cafes in the city. they also serve beer!