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Jul 16, 2006 05:47 PM

Portumex and El Taptio (split from Richmond - Heng Fath Thai Market)

i've only tried the stuff from the 'trailer', have never dined inside.

have you ever tried Portumex? if so, any recommendations?

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  1. I like the soups at Portumex, but I really liked the goat stew I had at El Taptio more. I haven't been to Portumex in a few months ... makes me think I should go back. Here's an old report ... I was wrong about Tres Hermanas ... they are thriving.

    Here's some recent visits on El Tapatio ... inside ... the weak spot is their tacos, IMO.

    1. Portumex is a cut above average for neighborhood Mexican restaurants. They do all the standard dishes very well, ingredients are fresh and tasty -- the chile rellenos are particularly good, and the birria too.