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Jul 17, 2006 08:07 PM

Bar Pitti

Is this as great as I hear? I'm a devotee of Bianca for my Italian dinners out, but I always hear, 'Try Bar Pitti! Order off of the specials!"

What have you guys found?


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  1. yes, i think it's excellent and authentic. if the burrata is still on the specials list, get it. i know $18 seems a lot for a ball of cheese... well worth it. outside the daily specials (of which there usually are as many as the regular menu entrees), i like the house pasta with peas, turkey sausage and cream sauce. and the lemon tart is incredible for desert.

    be warned though, the table situation can frustrate many. you make contact with the old, bald guy host. he doesn't write your name down or maintain any written list. you just have to remain in the vicinity and wait for him to get tired of seeing you standing around before getting a seat. deal with it with good humor and don't take anything personally and you should have a fine evening.

    1. I've been for lunch and love the panini.

      1. I remember liking it fine about 10 years ago and was considering going back recently for al fresco dining but was been put off partly by accounts such as the one on citysearch about discovering they use boullion cubes. Too many other great places in the area for that.

        1. I've been to bar pitti a couple of times, usually when ino is too crowdwd. frankly, i've found everything to be from mediocore to bad. everything is under salted and very sloppy. last time they served me sour bufala mozzarella and the waitress would not take it back.

          1. I agree with Josh. I've never understood what all the fuss is about. Pitti was a hipster joint about ten years ago, before Mario Batali arrived on the scene to change Italian restaurants forever. Truth is, it has been coasting ever since. The service is never anything other than dismissive. The wait for a table is an exercise in ritual abuse. And the food is never better than so-so - with one exception, a bollito misto that was excellent, ordered off the menu by an Italian friend. But that was four years ago.

            Skip it and walk 500 yards to Lupa.

            - Sean