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Jul 17, 2006 08:02 PM

Chowhound from NYC to Lisbon!!


longtime nyc chowhound going to Lisbon this week for 5 days.
we are staying with friends near Avenida de Roma.

any cool suggestions of food we have to check out?
mid range price and lower. any funky spots for lunch or
fun places out of the way with great food and fun for a group?
no problem on travelling to other neighborhoods for tasty chow.
im into any food as long as its great.
so local flavors or cool cooks rocking out other tastes are
all welcome. what are the great portuguese wines a chowhound
on a budget should drink?

thanks so much for you suggestions

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  1. For wine, you could do a lot worse than a tinto from the Alentejan Adega Cooperative Borba. The Reserva is pretty consistently good & shouldn't set you back more than 10 Euro from El Corte Ingles (I often saw it on sale there for 7) or any good place that sells wine. Oddly, I've only been disappointed by most of the more expensive wines I've drunk both in Portugal & in N. America despite all the praise of regions like the Dao... You won't be disappointed drinking on a budget.

    As for food on a budget, I liked the Cevejaria de la Trinidade, as popular as it is. It's very "Lisbon." Good fare in an ancient tile-decorated beer hall. There was one nice out-of-the way place in Cascais that I can't remember the name of for the life of me (so is consequently of no use to you), but it's really easy to take the train there & the village can have a nice atmosphere in the evening when the crowds are gone. Likewise Cacilhas. A ferry ride across the Targus, full of (relatively) indistunguishable seafood reastaurants, but a place that has a good reputation among Lisboans.


    1. Pap' Acorda in Bairro Alto for a hip twist on Portuguese food. Great spot. Also, don't miss the Port Wine Institute. You'll never be able to try these types of things by the glass anywhere else (and costing much less than stateside, believe me).

      1. For a fun and inexpensive night in Lisbon go to Bom Jardin, the best roast chicken in the world! Near the Praca de Restauradores. We can't wait for our next trip to Lisbon so we can have that chicken again. The place is lively and fun for a group. You get salad and fries with the meal but don't miss the salt cod fritters for an appetizer. They are to die for!