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veggie hot dogs

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Lots of places these days do veggie burgers; anyone know of a place that does a good veggie dog? Home-grilled Tofu Pups will only get me so far this summer ...

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  1. I'm pretty sure a bar/restauant in Inman does them. Now I can't remember the name....across from S&S - anyone, anyone?

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        Thanks a l i c e - that's the one. My brain is fried from the heat.

      2. I am a big fan of Spike's veggie dogs! The Spike's in Davis Square just opened, and there is one in Allston too.

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          Third Spikes...
          here's a thread about them (and other veggie dogs)

        2. Second Spike's, they're excellent.

          1. if you are looking again this summer, Popos in Swampscott has good ones with lots of toppings. I think the place in Rockport does too.. i think its Top Dog. And if you are doing Tofu pups at home then you should switch to Morningstar Farms Veggie Dogs (freezer section of supermarkets) They are much much better! Really good flavor and no rubbery texture. Good grilled or sauteed in butter or boiled. Almost juicy! Also the Hot Dog Safari used to have veggie dogs, all you can eat, but thats once a year next week i think.. Also Zoglovs (harder to find- i know they are in the Kosher freezer section at Swampscott Stop and Shop) have a really delicious flavor but are on the drier side, although not at all rubbery, just not juicy. Popos using Smart dogs which are more the tofu pup style but he helps them out with his good toppings. Fred of Fred's Franks told me last year he was thinking about doing veggie dogs. Does anyone know if he does now??
            Also, you mentioned that lots of places have veggie burgers? But I am wondering who has hamburger style ones as opposed to Gardenburger ones? Bennigans used to have one that looked like a burger, but now its the spicy black bean burger. Johny Rockets has a burger style Boca burger, but I have yet to find one that isnt the oats type like Gardenburger anywhere else. My very favorites are Morningstar Farms Grillers. None are better but cant find any that good out.

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              I'll happily second Popo's and Spike's for veggie dogs. And yes, the place in Rockport is Top Dog, and they're excellent for veggie dogs; they also grill theirs, while most other spots nuke them.