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Jul 17, 2006 07:57 PM

pizza in Farmington Hills, MI

Hi. We are moving to Farmington Hills, MI soon and would like suggestions for excellent pizza. Either in Farmington Hills or Northville are. Or anywherenearby. Thanks in advance. I know you'll come through like you always do!

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  1. Tomatoes Apizza on Halsted just north of Grand River (another on 14 mile).
    Probably the best pie in MI.

    Made in the New Haven CT style - if you know what that is.
    The owner actually went there and trained.

    1. if you like chicago style deep dish, there is a carry out pizzapapalis on northwestern just south of 14 mile.

      for regular carry out, try jet's or buddy's.

      for good sit down, drive up to the alibi in troy or over to the green lantern in madison heights.