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Jul 17, 2006 07:40 PM

Woodruff Syrup

Waterfront Ale House used to have this and Raspberry syrup to add to weissbier. Anyone know where I can buy a bottle?

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  1. Sorry, should have looked down before I posted. I can't believe someone asked for this very same item!?! In my defense, I did a search but the post here didn't come up.

    Webmaster feel free to delete this thread!!!

    1. Imported from Germany! Waldmeister Syrup - finally available in the US! Go ahead, spoil yourself with this delicious Syrup. Mix with Soda water or regular water for a sweet drink. Pour over ice cream, pudding or mousse. Add to a dark beer to make your special recipe; one of them being the Classic Berliner Wei├če. Must be refrigerated after opening.
      NET WT. 17.6 OZ (500ml)

      1. Thanks, I got some at a German grocery last week, and a bottle of raspberry syrup too. Mmm Mmm good in weissebier (my local store didn't have any Berliner Weisse, so substituted another style. I also poured some syrup into a glass of seltzer... tastes a little like cream soda. A liquid green marshmallow. I didn't know about refrigerating it after opening, so thank you... I'll do so right away!