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Jul 17, 2006 07:40 PM

joe maggiano's

Has anyone tried Joe Maggiano's (I think Sheppard and Pharmacy)? If yes, what should I have? I got the $20 discount from :) Did y'all get that yet? There's a list of places you could choose from.

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  1. It's at the n/w corner of Sheppard and Vic Pk., in the plaza. It's not bad, owned by the same people from the Fish House. Decent food, reasonable prices, they have a prime rib special on a couple days a week, Sunday and Monday(?), for $14. Their rib steak was ok too.

    1. Oh wow, their pasta was LOVELY. I had their tiger shrimp with panchetta and spaghetti (or was it spagettini?), and it was done JUST right. Wait, you didnt let me finish--the pasta was done JUST right, very al dente. BUT, the shrimps were overcooked. The meat lost their bounciness, but it was acceptable; it wasnt soggy. There had to have been 8 or 9 shrimps altogether. Very filling.

      My SO had the famous lasagna. It was very yummy and cheesy. It was better than East Side Mario's (SHOCK!). It definitely had more meat and the cheese was better.

      Service was not bad too. I informed them of my coupon, and the $20 was automatically deducted off the cheque. It came up to $38, so it was down to $18 for the 2 pasta meals, not including tip. Quite nice. :) I think I'd visit again, their food's not bad.

      1. They are very good! They have a killer bleu cheese burger, it's called something else but bleu cheese in it. Even their fries are very yummy.

        1. had dinner there a couple of nights ago with my wife and I must say our experience was very good. The spaghetti and meatballs was really good and their pizza was awesome too...looks like they just renovated, place looks real nice compared to the last time we were there. Great job guys

          Joe Maggiano's Italian Steakhouse & Bar
          2450 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M2J1X1, CA