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Jul 17, 2006 07:39 PM

Catering suggestions at Reef Cafe??

I'm going to put in a catering order with Reef Cafe.

Any suggestions of which items to pick??

This will be a dinnertime event, 20 people, of which a few are vegetarians.

I've tried their falafel, hummus and lamb and spinach so far.
The last was very light on lamb... but tasted good. Everything else (including the pilaf and salad) was excellent.


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  1. I know that they have a basic catering spread (I cannot remember what he includes, but the portions are huge).

    One of my favorite things at Reef Cafe is their Soujouk.

    1. I've had them cater for a couple of evening work events. Later, some people went into the restaurant and said the food wasn't as good as at the party.

      Highlights that I heard back from people about were the kibbe balls (I think they do a vegetarian version with pumpkin?) and they did a lamb and rice dish that they just called 'lamb and rice.' Everyone raved about that (and I've got at least a couple of 'foodies' in the group, some rather knowledgeable about Lebanese food). Unfortunately, I did not attend, so cannot speak first hand about the food.