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Jul 17, 2006 07:38 PM

Recs for Ingleside/Westside district in SF

I had to go over there early on Saturday morning and didn't see any place promising for breakfast. I ended up at a mediocre dim sum place on Ocean and Plymouth. In case I have to return, anyone know that neighborhood? There seem to be a lot of Chinese restaurants out there.

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  1. Mayflower restaurant on Ocean at Miramar has good breakfasts.

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      Thanks. I probably drove right by it, on my way up Ocean to 19th. I ended up eating in the Richmond.

    2. Pho Hoa Tien is good for vietnamese, not amazing, but the soups and noodles are good and they also have bahn mi, but the bahn mi looks massive and somewhat unappetizing.

      The Java house place on the corner of Ocean and Faxon has great coffee, and they will make you any kind of sandwich. i had a blt with avocado on wheat toast with sprouts and it was very delicious.

      unfortunately i don't do breakfast very often, so i can't really vouch for anything along Ocean.
      but there are some decent breakfast spots in and around Glen Park/Sunnyside area (which is not all that far if you are in a car)

      Over on Monterey boulevard (if you head down Phelan and follow it around the college it will dump you on gennessee, and if you take that left and go four blocks you will hit Monterey) anyway, right on that corner there is a very good solid greasy spoon breakfast spot called Big Joes. They are very nice and fairly cheap and the food is not as greasy as Jim's in the mission, or even Tyger's for that matter.

      i am sure there has to be some closer breakfast spots, since there are so many college kids around, you might want to check the yelp or citysearch boards.

      good luck.

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        I think that there are probably better options then Pho Hoa Tien. It is right next door to my gym so I have been known to grab a sandwich there after working out. Bahn mi are kind of pricey there at $2.75-3.25.
        Yelp reviews

        Taqueria El Jalapeno on the north side of the street @ Granada is just ok. They don't seem to do enough business in the evenings to have a good rate of product turnover. Went in there one night and they were out of salsa! The guys made me some more, but come on.

      2. I like Lakeside Cafe on Ocean near Junipero Serra for breakfast. Their lunches, especially the hamburgers and salads, are also very good.

        Another good spot in that area is Yama Sushi on Holloway near Ashton (or maybe Jules.) It's where Miya's Place used to be. They're open from 11:00am to 9:30pm for lunch and dinner. Good sushi, udon, teriyaki, etc. Very friendly service.

        1. If you're driving, West Portal is not too far away. There are several breakfast options over there. Pearls - tea/coffee and a pastry; Manor - a very old fashion diner; Cafe for All Seasons - a good brunch option; and Village Grill - makes a great Irish breakfast and waffles.

          1. When I live out there we always went to Westlake for breakfast. About 5-10 minutes away on the freeway. That was yearssssss ago though. When I was out there earlier this year I noticed that everything has changed. I think there still may be something out that way or in the other direction going up Junipero Serra. What about the little shopping area over by Park there still a diner over there?