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Jul 17, 2006 07:30 PM

Omelette cooking - High Heat or Low?

I've always read that a French-style omelette should be cooked over high heat and take barely a minute to prepare. That's how I've always made mine.

Yesterday, however, Ina Garten did an episode of the Barefoot Contessa from Paris where they were served very attractive looking omelettes that, she said, were so very tender because they were cooked over a low flame.

Talking only about a plain, classic, French-style, flat folded omelette, how do you approach the heat issue?

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  1. high and rolled-classic french style. Used to teach my cooks that an an omelette should take no more than 1 minute to prepare-with maybe a flash in the sally to melt cheese if needed(course this "souffles" em also to its detriment).

    1. I always to my omlettes on high too - quick and to the point.

      1. Omelettes high and fast, scrambles low and slow.

        1. About 35 years ago I saw Julia Child cook omelets on the Tonight Show. She had a gas burner with the flame set high enough for Johnny Carson to feign comic alarm, then she threw in the butter and, when the foaming had just barely subsided, the egg. I tried it myself the next morning, and have been doing it that way ever since.

          I have to say I usually scramble my eggs in a stirred-omelet format, taking my cue from many years of watching short-order cooks. I know it makes'em a bit rubbery, but we like the flavor (especially when stirred in the pan rather than in a bowl), and we prefer our breakfasts pretty much in a hurry.

          1. Not to be contrary, but...
            I was taught to heat the pan gently- I usually start with Asiago in the non stick for a kick of flavor- pour in beaten eggs, let set a little, draw in the edges of the egg puddle, lay on the flavor- cheese and chives/green onion often in this house- fold over gently and onto the plate once the egg is set as desired.