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Jul 17, 2006 07:21 PM

kensington market

hey there,

looking for a place for dinner tonight on the affordable size, but a good character place, you know?


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  1. La Palette for charming French, or Torito for tasty tapas. The latter can get very crowded, so go early or be prepared to wait.

    And there's always Amadeu for old school Portuguese.

    1. Hello all,

      Here are my thoughts:

      Amadeus is good but not really a 'nice' place. More of a quick bite sort of place.

      Sorry but I can't second the El Torrito suggestion! I have been and was unimpressed. The tapas were aweful and overpriced!

      La Palette is probably your best best for something in Kensington but if you go just a little outside going west down college there are some great places with better food and better prices! Check out:

      The Pomegranate
      or the New Ethipoian place which I forget the name of

      These are all on the North side of College St.