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Jul 17, 2006 07:15 PM

mid hv questions (ribfest, hurley corn, fried chicken)

a couple questions for anyone here...

has anyon been to either the hudson valley ribfest (new paltz) or hurley heritage corn festival? if so, what were your thoughts, comments, etc.?

and...i've never had 'real' southern fried chicken. is there anywhere in the mid hudson valley area that makes it relatively authentic?


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  1. I went to the corn festival about 2 or 3 years ago. Not sure how much has changed. It wasn't huge- a parking lot and some adjacent spaces. Food was good, of course. There were some good local vendors, too, including Grey Mouse Farms. If you're driving a long distance, I'm not sure it would be a day's worth of activity. However, to fill the day before or after the corn festival, check out nearby towns of High Falls, Stone Ridge, Rosendale and New Paltz (depending on your direction of travel, of course) for some neat shopping and eating opportunities. Hurley itself does have a cool little "old fashioned" general store right near the festival.

    1. I haven't been there, but I recently looked into the Hudson Valley Ribfest in New Paltz after seeing it mentioned in the NY Times. They have a website, but it's not very informative. I e-mailed them to ask whether the event was meant just for competitors, or also for people just looking to eat some BBQ. I heard back and they said that they will have 5 BBQ vendors as well as other food/drink vendors and activities for kids - I guess that means it's open to all. However, the website says that there is a $5 entry fee - I'm not sure I want to pay $5 for the privilege of being allowed to buy some food.

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        If the Ribfest has Biggys there, save your money for gas to take you to someplace that knows smoke...

      2. BJ's Chicken & Ribs, 213 Main St., Beacon is the real deal for fried chicken, etc. Be prepared for desultory service.

        1. thanks for the comments and replies. i was originally thinking of going to the corn festival and ribfest on the same day; i had the same questions (is there *food*, or just cheering on the winners?) about the festival. so we probably won't go to that one...

          however, i think we'll stop by bj's next time we're in beacon. service is almost always less important to us than quality...

          thanks again.

          1. I've been to the corn fest once, it's was just ok for a quick stop. The food was ok and the crafts were less than spectacular. YMMV.

            I have not found anything close to authentic southern fried chicken around the Hudson Valley.

            I went to last years rib fest and had some great Q. There are vendors there to sell brisket, ribs, chicken or sausage. You can try to get a sample from the competitors, I don't think they can sell. I enjoyed seeing the rigs that the competitors used and loved getting samples of what they were entering. I also came home with a rub that I used on an 8lb boston butt, all hickory for 14 hours @ 200...mmmmmmm.