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Jul 17, 2006 07:04 PM

Looking for Edible Chinese Food In Crystal Lake Area

Ok I have ben in Crystal Lake for about a year now and have yet to find anything thats more then Plate #1 -#2. Anyone know of anything?


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  1. There is no Chinese restaurant on Crystal Lake that could even be rated as average. Most of the restaurants/buffets along Rt 14 are generally pretty bad.

    The gourmet House, in an old Julie Ann's location is a pretty good white table cloth restaurant. There food is imaginative and pretty reliable.

    Gourmet House Corporation
    1740 E Algonquin Rd
    Algonquin, IL

    The Plum Garden also prepares very good American-style Chinese food. Get there pretty early as it is one of the most crowded restaurants in McHenry.

    Plum Garden Restaurant
    3917 W. Main St.
    McHenry, IL 60050
    )815) 385-1530

    If you are looking for food on the order of Chinatown in Chicago, you are bound to be disappointed.

    1. Try Lao Szechuan in Palatine - long way from Crystal Lake, but worth it.

      1. Living in Crystal Lake for 5 years I second the thought on good chinese. There is a Thai restaurant by Best Buy that is pretty good.

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          Actuall, there is a better Thai place down the street calles krystal thai that is between the TJ Maxx and the Deals store. It was formerly knows as Siri Thai III.