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Jul 17, 2006 06:59 PM

Alma de Cuba

Has anyone been here recently.. What are your thoughts

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  1. I was there on a Friday at the beginning of June. My meal was great, although we sat for at least an hour before the food came out. I cannot remember exactly the name of the dish I had -- it was chilean sea bass. So -- food, thumbs up. Kitchen speed? thumbs down. Interior / Atmosphere is slick Stephen Starr, as usual.

    1. Not recently, were there last year at this time. We enjoyed our meal for the most part although my duck was not the best ever - I think mainly because I'm used to Long Island duck and it was Muscovy I think? Something about the texture, just not my thing I guess. But, appetizers were great I remember, my husband's pork dish was out of this world and the chocolate cigar desert was to die for. Sexy space and yes, I remember service being a bit on the slow side too but this wouldn't stop me from going back - overall we enjoyed our meal.

      1. Was there not too long ago with a party of 8 for dinner.

        Food - Excellent
        Service - excellent (though felt just a tad rushed)
        Didnt think the food took too long coming out. We ordered multiple apps for sharing and passing, all was timed well and the mains came along at an appropriate interval