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Jul 17, 2006 06:38 PM

Anacortes WA/Friday Harbor/area - grub suggestions?

Greetings - Getting away for one last trip BB (before baby) and planning to stay in Anacortes at the Majestic Inn for the weekend. Also may take a day trip over to Friday Harbor.

Any suggestions on places to eat or avoid during the trip?


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  1. BTE, Duck Soup, just outside of Friday Harbor, has an excellent reputation for upscale dining. In town is the Outrigger. They have the best fish tacos I have ever tasted.
    A new Mediterranian restaurant was due to open about this time. It is on the third floor directly across the street from the Outrigger. It was not open when we were there, but I visited with the owner and, from our conversation, he seems to know what he's doing. There are some basic pubs around town with average pub food. If you like hot sauces and spices, don't miss the two story (!) hot sauce shop in town. Amazing selection. (And if you buy a jar of "Eye of the Dragon" you are on you're own.)

    1. I disliked the Outrigger. The hostess was exceptionally rude to me and my companion and I was troubled by how she treated the servers. I thought the food was mediocre and overpriced, although I think there's a mark-up for the admittedly lovely view of the ferry landing.

      I greatly preferred both the food and the attitude at the microbrewery across the street (and the beer's great).

      In January I went to a new restaurant called 120 Nichols which I liked a great deal -- but they only serve dinner so it may not work with your day trip. A recent post also reviews Steps Wine Bar, also recently opened, which serves small plates and entrees.

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        1. We always have breakfast at the Calico Cupboard on the main drag in Anacortes when visiting relatives. Why a restaurant that serves whole grain baked goods and all-around excellent breakfast food can't seem to exist in Glendale is beyond me. There's another one in La Conner that is also reliably delicious (and a third but I don't remember where it is).

          1. I agree with the recommendation for Calico Cupboard. I believe the 3rd Calico Cupboard is in Mt. Vernon. When last in Anacortes, we ate in the restaurant at the Majestic Inn soon after it opened. We had a nice dinner. We also ate at a pub across the street, but I can't remember the name.

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              The pub across the street is the Brown Lantern and they have great food as well. Another favorite for lunch is Gere a Deli in the same area.

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                Another tav across the street but up a few blocks or so is the Rockfish Grill. Very tasty burgers and lots of good beers.