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Jul 17, 2006 06:34 PM

Yet another sushi question

I'm looking for a traditional sushi bar omakase experience. I love the Nobu/Morimoto stuff, but for this trip I really want the traditional kind of joint. We actually prefer sashimi, but I'm cool with most anything. Things I value would be top-notch fish (of course) and a wide variety of interesting selections unavailable in my provincal southern haunts. Things I care nothing about include hipness, decor and price. I suppose if two places are equally great, I'd just as soon not light money on fire, but this is a splurge trip anyhow.

I would award bonus points if it was a place that could convince me that uni was great like everyone else seems to think, because I'm not a fan so far. My local sushi chef assures me that they can't get the really good stuff, so I'm all for getting the definitive answer. I also love a really heavenly tamago.

Based on stuff I've read here, I'm leaning towards Sushi Yasuda since the only recurring negatives I've seen are that you might get rushed if you arrive late and that sashima omakase is likely to get pricey. I also have seen things that interest me about Jewel Bako, Kuruma Zushi and Sushi Gari.

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  1. Yasuda is great as is Jewel Bako. I would also suggest Shimizu on 51st street. Sit at the sushi bar and you can request any special items you might like. Enjoy your dinner!

    1. Kuruma Zushi is very good, but be careful - an omakase, if you give the chef a free hand and set no limits, can cost many, many hundreds of bucks. Yasuda is traditional; Jewel Bako, which I like, much less so.

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        I guess I would have to cry uncle at some point -- I think I'd probably get full before then, but I may underestimate their ability to charge exhobitantly. I'd probably have to stop them at $300 or so per person, unless I thought I was on the edge of some kind of dining nirvana.

      2. For what you are looking for, I would go with Yasuda.

        1. Kanoyama is really good, too. They are located in the E. Village on 2nd Ave @ 11th St. I usually go with the fish on the special menu as they tend to be the best catches of the day... The omakase is good, too... I think I have had it once, but the list of daily special fish are what make this place so amazing.... you can literally go down the list and get one piece of each fish and you are pretty much guaranteed a great meal.

          1. If you're looking for the best sushi in the five boros go to Taro Sushi on Dean Street between 5th Avenue and Flatbush on a Friday or Saturday night (when they get local Japanese fish flown in from the motherland). The fatty tunas (bigeye and bluefin) alone are worth the trip as is the superb uni. No metallic or "spoiled" taste in their uni. Sweet and creamy it is. Make reservations for the sushi bar @ 718 398 0872 and ask for the head sushi chef/owner Sano to serve you Omakase. You take the 2 or 3 train to Brooklyn and get off Bergen Street and walk one block up to Dean, If you need to stay in Manhattan then Ise on 56 Pine Street is the place. Go to the the sushi bar and ask for Massa. They're open from Monday to Friday until 10pm. They also have a great kitchen. If it's a weekend then try the Ise on W56th between Ave of Americas and 5th Ave.