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Suggestion off the Dupont/Cleveland/Woodley Park Metro -- Casual and moderate $

Can anyone recommend a place off the Dupont/Cleveland/Woodley Park Metro for casual and moderately-priced dinner, with a decent range of menu options for a party of 6? Any kind of cuisine is fine. I am in DC for the summer (Boston Hound) so any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Ardeo is pretty good, reasonable prices, right off the Cleveland Park metro.

    1. Nam Viet in Cleveland Park is a good option as well. My ubiquitous recs are the sweet and spicy salmon soup as an app and the curried squid, but I've traversed the menu fairly well and only come across some overdone twice cooked pork chops - but that was also right before they closed once.

      1. My wife and I enjoy David & Gregory, which is down a couple blocks from Dupont Circle, on the corner of 21st and M. Two can eat well for $100, including a cocktail. (Is that moderate?)


        1. Afterwords is within a block of the Dupont metro. It's the restaurant connected to Kramerbooks and is definitely a houndish kind of place. Most, if not all, entrees are under $20, and the menu is eclectic. The place is small and cramped, but the food is outstanding, the service is friendly, and it is almost always easy to get a table, even on a Saturday night. I would suggest going somewhere else for dessert, though.

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            I've had some pretty hideous service at Afterwords. One server seemed more concerned about his fingernails and answering his cellphone than actually getting my food to me. Another was hopped up on goofballs; sluiced my entire beer into my glass at once, so I had 4-inches of head and two of beer.

            God, I wish Vesuvios was still around. I can almost taste their gyros...

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              I wouldn't go to Afterwards, except late at night or for brunch. In Dupont, Cafe Citron is great for happy hour and has good dinner food, also Malaysia Kopitiam, or Bistro du Coin (but there'd be a wait). In Cleveland Park, Spices sounds like your best bet.

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              Too bad you guys didn't like Afterwords. I've been there about a dozen times in the last three years and never had a bad experience. (I did like your colorful description of the waiter hopped up on goofballs, though.)

              On the other hand, I once had a mediocre meal at the pretentious Bistrot du Coin that lasted three hours due to service delays.

            3. Try Luigis on 19 between L and M. Average italian but a huge menu that should please everyone. I love the tomato and mozzarella, the eggplant parm and the pizza.

              1. Oh yeah, second luigi's. I think that David n Greggory is a good place for after work drinks, but the food is not very great when you get right down to it.

                1. In Dupont, I've become a huge fan of Hank's Oyster Bar. No rezzies, and it's small - so if you don't want to wait you probably need to get there early.

                  In Woodley, my preference is Sake Club, on Connecticut right across the street from the metro.

                  Cleveland Park: Indique, Spices, Nam Viet, front room at Palena (again depending on time this could be tough), and for a little twist, consider the roof patio at Ardeo.

                  1. In Cleveland Park, I like Nam Viet, Indique, and Spices (in that order), but the bar/front at Palena (untried by me but great rep) may be a good choice if your timing is right.

                    In Dupont, I like Al Tiramisu, Johnny's Half Shell, Firefly, and Hank's Oyster Bar, although the first three of these may be more than moderate depending on your selection.

                    Most of my dinners around Woodley Park have been mediocre for the money.

                    1. Try Dino for good Italian and a huge and very well priced wine list.

                      1. Lots of 'pretty good' suggestions above, but I'd say Nam Viet is your best bet for great food, easy on the wallet, location, and large menu. Also, your profile says you like Vietnamese food!
                        In addition to the recs from Dennis S above, I'll add:
                        Vietnamese Steak
                        Grilled Stuffed Grape Leaves
                        Soft Shell Crabs
                        Roast Quail
                        Hue Spicy Beef Noodle Soup
                        Lemongrass Pork, Vermicelli, and Spring Rolls
                        Vegetarian Dumpling Soup

                        1. In that area, I like Nam-Viet and Lebanese Taverna.