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Jul 17, 2006 06:00 PM

Roadtrip from NYC to Niagara Falls - must eat along the way?

Hello hounds -

I'm driving from NYC to Niagara Falls this coming weekend. Any recommendations in the Niagara Falls region, or along the way? The planned route: 206/209 to 81 to 90. I'm looking for lower budget, American-style delicious-ness - think BBQ, diners, etc. I love those high end restaurants, but I don't have the cash for it!

Thanks for any tips.


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  1. We ate at Tommy Ryans Diner (1 Prospect Point), right at the base of Niagara Falls last month and had a delightful lunch. The place has a very retro look, and we had salads thet were good. The burgers and other dishes looked even better. The place is very American looking. Prices very reasonable.

    On the other hand, if you want barbecue, get off 81 at route 90, NY Thruway and go into Syracuse to 'The Dinosaur'. Terrific slow cooked ribs and excellent beans and slaw. Prices very reasonable. Watch out for crowds in the evening, especially Friday and Saturday. They opened a branch in NYC last month and it is very popular. There is also one in Rochester.

    1. At exit 45 (first exit for Rochester), there is a host of "chain" restaraunts right off the Thruway (Chili's, Champs, Chicago Bar&Grill, PF Changs). There is also a Bar and Grill called "Thirsty Turtle" (no affiliation to the Bar&Grills in White Plains or Stamford). They serve bar food, nice & cheap. If you feel adventurous, follow 490West into downtown Rochester to check out Dinosuar BBQ, Sticky Lips BBQ, or take the Culver Road exit to Park Ave and turn left, putting you smack in the center of everything hip that Rochester has to offer. Sinbad's, Cibon's, and the staple "Jine's" all have great food and terrific prices.

      1. For a real taste of Americana- try the Misty Dog Grille- a great hot dog stand in N. Falls on the US side right before the border... something like 30 different kinds of dogs (and they'll make whatever you want if you don't see it). Good sides too, and not pricey. Good frozen custard right next door. A must stop for my family!
        I would reccommend getting something in Syracuse before you get on the Thruway (it's a pain to get off and on with the tolls). Dinosaur BBQ is pretty good, but v. busy on weekends. Dakota's serves BBQ and American fare, and is right around the corner (Fayette St.), new but I hear good things. Not far from 81 and Thruway.

        1. Just off exit 45 of the Thruway, just south of Rochester, in the pretty little hamlet of Bushnell's Basin, you'll find a branch of the Tom Wahl's chain. Great blue cheese burger, excellent local hot dogs, and root beer in frosty mugs.
          Take I-490 north to exit 27. Make a right onto Pittsford-Victor Road. Wahl's is inside a small strip mall across from a Hess station.

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            Great tip, dw! Tom Wahl's is definitely worth a stop! How I miss it!

          2. Waterloo Exit.The Farm Restaurant. American Diner, excellent, cheap