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Jul 17, 2006 05:55 PM

Birthday Party (8-9 people) UES

Looking for an excellent restaurant for a birthday party- avoiding places like Tony's Di Napoli. We're up for any type of cuisine, and our budget is around $50 pp without drinks.

Many thanks in advance.

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    1. Or Sfoglio, on 92nd and Lex.


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      1. re: Sean Dell

        I agree w/ Sfoglio - and b/c it's still BYOB (or was last week) - you can save on the wine. They do charge a corkage fee.

      2. Not sure how big Pio Pio is on 90th or 92 St and 2 Ave, but the one in the Jackson Heights is great for groups. Their signature dish is their roasted chicken and we usually order the Matador and substitute the salchi papa with a yuka frita or rice and beans.

        Inexpensive and the sangria is potent. Pio Pio is a Peruvian restaurant.