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Jul 17, 2006 05:49 PM

Lubbock recs?

I will be in Lubbock this weekend and am looking for recs on Sunday night. What place stands out as the best place in the city. I will be staying at the embassy Suites but will have a car so i can travel. Any cuisine will do, a plus if it is barbeque.


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  1. Cagle's is a "must" but only open M-F for dinner--bbq & steak
    Thai Pepper near Covenant Hospital for great Thai
    Jazz near Covenant for Cajun & live jazz music on Sun nights-
    the specials are always good
    J&M for bbq on 34th St (free beer if you ask for it)
    Orlando's (2 locations) for Italian--try the Grn Chili Chick
    linguine or one of their foccocia's
    Grab a breakfast burrito at any of the Josie's locations
    The original Abuelo's is on 82nd & Quaker.. always good

    1. I would add *Lujan's Mexican Restaurant* to the list. (at the TOP of the list, actually) It's not so much authentic mexican as it is tex-mex. Their carne guisada is always very tender, and all their chicken is CUT rather than shredded - which is rare with mom-and-pop places. I can't visit Lubbock without a stop at Lujan's.

      I'd also have to ward you off of Abuelo's. The food isn't bad as it is just completely forgetable. I think their white sauce is Campbell's cream of mushroom and milk. I've never left there impressed.

      1. I ate lunch today at Taqueria Gaudalajara. This was decent. I had a lengua, barbacoa and carne guisada taco. The meat in all was tender but somewhat underseasoned. There was also a bit of grit in the cilantro topping.
        Im headed out to Jazz for dinner

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          If I would have known you would go the "authentic" route I would have steered you toward Montelongo on the Brownfield Hwy.
          They have great Menudo!!

        2. I second the Orlando's recommendation. It's about as good as your going to get in Lubbock for Italian.

          1. I know that MVNYC's visit is past - but I just looked up several of the Lubbock posts because I happen to be from Lubbock. (I would defer to the current Lubbock residents, but I feel I might bring up undiscovered gems.)

            I realize that I have prejudice because I grew up on certain restaurants' food - but . . . One Guy from Italy! They have the best calzone I have ever had. Every single time I go to Lubbock, I go back there. I have never had their pizza (once I had the calzone I never looked elsewhere on the menu), but again - the calzone is excellent.

            I thought that I would find "real" calzone in the wide world away from Lubbock, but One Guy's shell is great bread - real bread, not the pop-n-serv stuff I feel like I get in Austin, and got anywhere else I looked (and believe me I have looked). Some sauce, but barely - doesn't make the shell too wet. Good sausage in it. A bit of cheese, but not too much.

            If you happen to travel to Lubbock - just try the calzone at One Guy - you will not be sorry. (And cheap! And open later. I swear I don't work for them.)

            Jazz in Lubbock. Always a good time. I get the crawfish and andouille fettuccine - spicy. Their food is not adventurous (it is late 80s style K-Pauls casual), but it is a great small restaurant and bar atmosphere. When I lived there, the kitchen knew how to COOK - so don't let the simplicity of the menu fool you. Really good cornmeal hushpuppies - comes with most of the fried food. I would not hesitate to order a catfish poboy there.

            Next are the places I haven't been back to frequently but friends who live there still talk about. (I can't go back because family dinner is usually a family-cooked deal.)

            Taco Village on 3rd. I loved their chips and salsa and ate their green chicken enchiladas about every day in high school.
            Spankys. Great greasy hamburger. My favorite.
            Gardski's. Very good nicer hamburger with mushrooms and swiss. More atmosphere if you are looking for something "fancy."
            Choo-chai Thai. I used to just ask what was good and they always delivered.
            And Taco Villa. Classic West Texas fast food. In a good way. An option beyond Dairy Queen. I love their green sauce.

            I do like Josie's and would eat there before Abuela's any day. The one I went to didn't have eat-in dining, but maybe that has changed.

            For drinks and some music - go to the Spoon (Texas Cafe) - sometimes they have Elvis T Busboy and the Blues Butchers. They play the best blues set in Lubbock - and pretty much anywhere else.

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              Haha, I spent one semester of grad school at Texas Tech (Aug-Dec 2006) and we tried to go to One Guy's for lunch once a week. As soon as you walk in, the guy asks "calzone?", as if he is dying to have you try it. Unfortunately I never tried it and always had the pizza. But I was pretty impressed with the pizza, being as I'm from NY and used to great pizza! I didn't expect to find such good pizza in Texas.