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Jul 17, 2006 05:42 PM

I'm Flip Happy in Austin!!!!

Alright, if you’re one of those transplants that “helped” by raising the property values with your McMansions, drives a Lexus and thinks Leslie is blight on the landscape, stop reading now.

Are “they” gone? You sure? Good. Now on to the best chow news I’ve come across in a very long time.

Do you miss the “old Austin” – the quirky, kina funky (I refuse to use that tired “w” word), independent, fun Austin? Read on...

Just north of the taxidermy shop on Lamar, behind the vintage shop is a parking lot. There, you’ll find a streamline trailer parked, where nightly you’ll find Andrea and her new place, Flip Happy, making some of the most delectable stuffed crepes I’ve had the pleasure of consuming. When we arrived at quarter to ten p.m. Saturday night, the “kitchen” had already closed, but soft-hearted Andrea cheerfully made us two large ham, gruyere and green onion crepes...absolute heaven.

The trailer sits at the back of the parking lot and has a few picnic tables in front, when we arrived there was a communal keg (mostly floating) and a very block-party feel to the crowd. An additional quirk is that the nursery behind them opens its gates so you can wander the gardens and settle in little nooks near fountains or wander to the back to listen to a band. We heard a very Cure-ish band and another band which consisted of two guys each on a Mac computer creating music that way. Very cool.

Andrea, along with her partners Patrick and Nessa, have a small but impressive menu which is divided into savory and sweet.

The savory crepes are all $5.50 except the smoked salmon (with herbed cream cheese, spinach and tomato) which is $6.25. I’ve already told you about the flavorful, gooey ambrosia that is ham and gruyere. Other options include a roasted chicken with caramelized onions and goat cheese, shredded pork and several vegetarian options. These are so huge that James and I shared one and just couldn’t find room for dessert. However, the sweet options are all $3.75 (except the lemon and sugar, which is just $3) and had such temptations as the Beverly’s brownie with dark chocolate and Chantilly cream (I’m so there!), vanilla pastry with berry sauce and several tart options (lemon curd/lime/berry).

And as if my heart hadn’t already wrapped around this place and all its charm, Andrea caught wind of a very disappointed little boy who wanted one WAY after the place had officially closed, and she not only went back in and made him a Nutella roll-up, but also tracked him down in the nursery to give it to him. Wow.

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  1. Excellent Chowhounding, Amy! I'm there.

    1. Oh, awesome. I'm definitely checking it out when I get back to Austin!

      1. Ok, taxidermy place is ringing a bell (north of 35?), but can you be more specific?

        1. I went there for lunch a couple of weeks ago and the ham and gruyere crepe was, indeed, delicious. For an extra couple of bucks you can get a side salad. Mine had surprisingly good tomatoes in it. It's located on South Lamar on the east side of the street just north of Oltorf. The driveway is between a taxidermy shop and a nursery (Floribunda or something like that). Also, they are only open for lunch on Friday and Saturday.


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          1. re: Brian Lindauer

            Brain, thanks for the update. So, they ARE open for lunch, but just on Friday and Saturday. Am I correct stating that they are open every night? Also, correct me if I'm wrong but aren't they behind the hot pink vintage store and the nursery and not the taxidermy? I think it goes: Taxidermy on the corner, then the adult bookstore, then the vintage/nursery parking...

            Glad to hear they're open for lunch on Saturday. Odds of hitting it then are greater than at night. Thanks again.

            1. re: amysuehere

              Maybe I'm wrong about the taxidermy. They are definitely between the nursery and something else. I think they're open for dinner every night, but I can't say for certain.


          2. Thanks for the tip, amysuehere! We'll definitely check this out after our trip to the farmers' market tomorrow!