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Jul 17, 2006 05:28 PM

Manchester, NH

Anyplace good to eat (a weekday) lunch not too far from the airport? I'm more concerned with food quality than cuisine. Thanks so much

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  1. Went to a great Vietnamese place yesterday just off 293 at Exit 4. It's called Pho Golden Bowl and it's on Queen City Ave just past Hesser College. We had tasty grilled quail, amazing salt & pepper pork chops, spring rolls (okay) and a deep, flavorful pho with beef innards. About 10 minutes from the airport. They have lunch specials (cheap).

    1. Brown Ave leading to the airport doesn't have much to offer. If you go to the Willow St exit then there's the whole range of fast food places and traffic congestion due to the Mall and strip plazas. I think it would be worth it to stick to downtown Manchester area. My favorite place for a quick lunch is Little Saigon on Elm Street (what most people would think is Main St) within walking distance of the Verizon Center but other side of the street (west side). Almost next door is a Hungarian pastry shop which has a few tables and limited lunch menu. Check directions because I think Elm Street connects with Brown Ave and you could avoid getting on the highway again. I have yet to eat at the Red Arrow Diner on Lowell St but it's supposed to be a great place and might be worth finding.

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        The people who own the Common Man chain of restaurants have just opened the Airport Diner on Brown Ave (airport access road). Haven't tried it, but their Tilton Diner gets good reviews.

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          Was at the Tilton Diner a couple of weeks ago and it was really bad. The hamburgers we had were close to inedible.

      2. Thanks so much -- fabulous New Hampshire and good food too.