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Jul 17, 2006 05:15 PM

Help me replace my Mom's Dr. Pepper... she's sad! :-(

My mom has been having stomach problems for a while now, and her doctor has linked part of the problem to her Dr. Pepper addiction, i.e. the caffeine. Which also means, no more of her favorite tea either. (She doesn't really like decaf, I've ordered her some white tea, so we'll see how she likes it.) She tried lemonade for a while, mixed with club soda, but she now thinks that the carbonation is part of the problem. Anyway, I'm having everyone over for dessert next Saturday for my brother's birthday and I'm hoping to make a couple of non-alcoholic drinks that will help her forget about her beloved Dr. Pepper! I've thought about doing lemonade of some sort, but I would like something a little more unusual. I'll probably have a couple of different selections and I was thinking of one of the kicked up waters that we talked about a while back (ginger and cucumber, orange and rosemary, etc.) for one of them. Any ideas everyone? Fellow caffeine addicts please help!

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  1. At least one of the diet Dr. Pepper flavors is available caffeine-free. You could always open it up a day or two in advance and let it go flat if the carbonation really is an issue.

    It won't help if acidity is part of the problem. Then again, neither will lemonade.

    1. I love lemonade and limeade. Adding mint to either is really good and refreshing. You could make some great flavored ice teas made with fruit teas. I love the Republic of Teas peach(decaf of course!) Or what about no carbonated fruit punch? There are so many great fresh fruits out there now.

      Lastly, for the long term you might want to think about a seltzer maker for her. I bought my husband the seltzer maker from soda club ( and they have a "Dr Pepper" flavor.

      ( which has a little less caffeine but she could make a weak version for herself as a once in a while treat. Probably not what the Dr. ordered but just a thought....

      Best to your mom! ;)

      1. You might look into the Monin syrups as an option for your mom.

        I don't know if any of these have the elusive Dr. Pepper flavor, and some do have caffeine, but you might find something that she enjoys (I love the espresso syrup with seltzer and a squeeze of lemon!) I see one called "spice berry" that might be promising.

        1. Someone recently mentioned a diet black cherry soda as a Dr. Pepper replacement. Dr. Brown's and Boylans are two brands that you might find in a local natural foods store (Whole Foods must have). The carbonation in Dr. Brown's sodas is much lighter than in conventional brands.

          Also, I really like Rooibos tea as a replacement for black tea. Rooibos is an African plant that makes a red tea with no caffiene and very little tannin. Mighty Leaf has a version that is delicious. More information at:

          I like it hot or iced. Again, look in local natural food stores. Good luck!

          1. According to the Dr. Pepper FAQ (!), caffeine-free is sold in 17 states. The FAQ item runs over 1000 words detailing options for people in other states.