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Jul 17, 2006 05:09 PM

books on table service

Are there any? I'm a waiter, and I have a lot to learn

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  1. ask your trainer? i've run across a couple of small booklets put out by the nra on service.

    1. I'd google it...there must be books on it!

      1. "Remarkable Service: A Complete Guide to Winning and Keeping Customers for Servers, Managers and Restaurant Owners," by the Culinary Institute of America is the best service guide I have found. I'm a restaurant manager with a small library on the topic, and this book is the most comprehensive and straightforward. You can find it used on amazon used for about $10.

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          I'd like that book but my basic search here did'nt turn up a thing.

          1. re: Ida Red

            I'm not sure why a search on this site would turn up that particular book. I haven't been using chowhoud for long, but it seems much more for foodies than restaurant folks. I'm just someone who is both. I found the book on amazon pretty easily. I think I searched on "restaurant service."

            In my experience, nothing I've read has a good breakdown of how things really go in today's U.S. fine-dining restaurants. However, "Remarkable Service" has the best, most universal information about service techniques and standards.

            1. re: monday

              Yes, my misleading "here" meant I seached on the internet... I will try Amazon again.

        2. For general and specific, Lessons in Service from Charlie Trotter by Edmund Lawler. It's written from the point of view of an owner, but has a lot of info for servers as well.

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            "Lessons in Service from Charlie Trotter" is written by Ed Lawler, not Trotter himself (though I believe Trotter was actively involved in the process).

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              "Lessons in Service" is great for anyone in customer service not just restaurants. Thanks for mentioning. I didn't find it useful as a technical guide, but I'd love it if everyone in the buisiness would read it.

            2. Here is a link to a great article about the importance of service in restaurants, featuring Laura Cunningham:


              Not really a guide, but enlightening.