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Jul 17, 2006 04:47 PM

Need good bakery recommendations for baby shower cake plzzz

Helloooo there! I am looking for some ideas for non-lard using bakeries in the chicago-northside (Edgewater/andersonville) area to get a baby shower cake that isn't ridiculously expensive, but is very tasty and fresh. Any ideas? I went by Angel Food this weekend and like their options-but it is kinda pricey, I thought I'd check around......Any other ideas would be much appreciated!

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  1. Well, it's not in Andersonville, but I have always gotten my special occasion cakes at Bittersweet on Belmont. They have always been beautiful and delicious. Bittersweet is not cheap, but I don't think they're crazy expensive either.

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      I had a horrible experience with Bittersweet for a special event I was planning (business). The morning of the event they informed me they were too busy to complete our order, although we had confirmed (in person! with the manager!) and placed a credit card deposit the day before. We had to scramble to get cupcakes from Dinkels bakery on Lincoln (just north of Belmont) at the last minute. I have no idea what caused Bittersweet's unprofessionalism, but I will never recommend them.

    2. How about the Alliance bakery on Divison? i've heard good things but not this point i'm willing to go wherever in the city as long as its good and not super pricey! i will give bittersweet a call though...thanks!

      1. I really do enjoy Bittersweet. I live in Rogers Park and I make the trip to select a great cake. They are not cheap but they are not too expensive either.

        If you are looking for something really local try Taste of Heaven or the Swedish bakery on Clark in Andersonville.

        Taste of Heaven has some good cakes and the Swedish bakery has lots of interesting treats.

        But here's a different idea that I have tried. Head to Southport Grocery on Southport and order their delicious cupcakes. Build a pyramid on a cake plate, add some edible flowers and VOILA - individual treats for all!

        1. Southport does have the best cupcakes!! Another place that I've ordered gorgeous cakes from are the Cakegirls (

          1. thanks all! great recommendations.