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Jul 17, 2006 04:41 PM

help- good lunch eats near ocean avenue and avenue z

I have to work here for a few days this week and next and have no idea where to go. Is there anything really good that I should have while I'm around here. I had Bagel brothers today- not too exciting.

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  1. How mobile are you? Car? If so (or if you want a decent walk), then Ave U around E.15th St is a small Chinatown with several dim sum places. Or, in the other direction, go down Ocean Ave to Emmons and make a left. Good Turkish restaurant and several ok Italian seafood places.

    1. If you want to take a walk (or the B49) there's Randazzo's, Roll & Roaster on Emmons among other places. Villa Bay on Z right near the big Genovese Drugs, makes a good slice. There's also Tre Fratelli Deli on Z and Bedford which used to be my favorite deli in the neighborhood. All are within walking distance or a quick bus ride.