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Jul 17, 2006 04:41 PM

Grand Lux Cafe - PK's Review

Grand Lux Cafe
121 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
7.16.06 - Sunday, 1:15 PM
Myself + 1 guest (apocalypse Wow! drummer)

Oh, this'll shock you.
This place is oogie.
I didn't realize it was a chain until just moments ago either, but I did suspect it was related to the evil Cheesecake Factory. Can we please say menus should be less than 10 pages? Make that a rule already? And portions should not be large enough to bench press. Bah!

While I didn't enjoy myself much, I wasn't completely repulsed. It could have been worse. It should have been better.


Ambiance - C
Service - C
Food (Taste) - C-
Food (Presentation) - D+
Wine/Drinks - C
Value - C-
Overall Experience - C-

For the tasteless details, read on:

Ciao, 'Hounds,

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  1. I just have to say that I've been to the Grand Lux Cafe on La Cienega about ten times and have never been less than delighted with the food or service.

    It is a spin-off of the Cheesecake Factory chain with some of the same items and some different ones. For instance, they have a splendid pot roast and much better soups. I had a steak there once and it was as good as any non-Luger steakhouse I've ever visited.

    I think you caught them on a bad day, PoetKitty.

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    1. re: Hackenbush

      I have been twice so far and I really liked it. If you haven't already, try the key lime pie. Its te best that I have ever tasted. I liked their salmon that was cooked on a cedar plank also.

    2. Come on - we're not talking haute cuisine here - for a chain, they are okay. i wouldn't go there for a celebration dinner, it is fine for what it is. i think The Cheesecake Factory get knocked too much here and now The Grand Lux Cafe is getting the same treatment. i've been to one in Florida and it was just fine for lunch at the mall.

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      1. re: meb903

        I have to agree with you.

        If you go there expecting a once in a life-time experience or a true gourmet meal, you are of course going to be disappointed.

        Where as I certainly don't LOVE Cheesecake Factory or Grand Lux Cafe (and do agree with you about the menus) I am somewhat happy that they are becoming increasingly widespread because when traveling across country and in unknown places, when rushed for something or when (as another poster mentioned) at the mall, etc., it certainly beats most food court selections.

      2. Does Grand Lux Cafe have ads in the menu like Cheesecake Factory does? That's such a classy touch.

        Actually, I've eaten at the Grand Lux at the Venetian and I like the Buffalo Blasts (or something like that). They're egg-roll shaped rolls filled with chicken, wing sauce, cheddar and maybe something else.

        I'd be content to never eat at another one of these places, though.

        1. I liked the mushroom burger I had at the Grand Lux in LA... and the waiter let me replace my fries with delicious mashed sweet potatoes! Tasty... a bit pricey, but decent...

          1. Just ate at Grand Lux this past weekend on a trip to Dallas. I've eaten there twice before. First time I had the Venetian Chicken (at the Houston location) - just awful - just like chicken you'd find in the restaurant of a moderately priced hotel chain geared to business travelers. But then earlier this year I tried the chicken & dumplings, and they were just splendid. This past weekend I tried one of their pasta dishes, one with chicken, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes in a garlic cream sauce. Almost inedible. Very little sign of chicken or mushrooms anywhere, the sun-drieds (which ruin any dish IMO) were overpowering and the pasta itself was this weird small corkscrew shape. So Grand Lux is definitely hit-or-miss, but judging from the crowds, people do like it.