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Dover Sole in Chicago area?

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My girlfriend's favorite fish is Dover Sole and I'd like to take her out for her birthday. I haven't been able to find any (recent) recommendations . . . Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. RL has a nice rendition. Prepared table-side if I remember correctly. Really nice in and old-school sort of way.

    1. i liked the sole i've had at hugo's. was prepared tableside. i know stefani's 437 rush does one as well (at least they did last time i was there, about a yr ago).

      1. I agree with the RL, Hugo's, and Phil Stefani's 437 N. Rush recommendations...they're all fantastic. Hugo's is my pick. It's a great place for a date...the service is superb, the outdoor seating can be very romantic and scenic, great location, and of course great food. You feel like a star when you dine here.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions :)

          1. La Bocca della Verita, in Lincoln Square, has a fantastic Dover Sole, and the rest of the food is good, too. Here's a link with their menu - scroll down to Main Courses, and it's #47. They de-bone it tableside, so it's a production - and very delicious.


            1. The Chicago Firehouse on 14th and Michigan does a really nice, old-school dover sole. It's roasted on a cedar plank with browned butter.


              1. Make sure you're getting the real deal. There are two different fishes referred to as Dover Sole in this country. There's a pacific flatfish that is pretty common. But real classic Dover Sole is expensive because it comes from Europe. I don't know which version all of these places are serving, but I know the Cape Cod Room at the Drake serves the classic european version.