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Jul 17, 2006 04:38 PM

szechuan tasty house

Wow. For those who claimed that this place was not for the faint of heart - why didn't I listen?!

I stopped in a week or two ago and ordered the tofu dish that was reccomended to me on this board (I forgot the name, but joypirate can remember). The soft cubes of tofu were in a spicy pepper sauce. I asked for the dish without pork and they obliged.

I expected the place to be a little grungy, but it was nicely laid out and clean, better than I expected. The service was good and the prices were fair but not cheap.

My dish, for a person who I now know to have a moderate ability to eat spicy foods, was VERY VERY hot. It was so spicy, that it made my water burn as I sipped it. It actually burned my throat on the way down!

I tried to enjoy it, but it was way out of my league. I give some serious credit to those that are strong enough to eat it!

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  1. What you got is commonly called "Family Style Doufu", which, as I understand it, is essentially, "Ma Po Tofu" without the pork.

    Incidentally, I was there on Friday and had the Ma Po Tofu and the 3 Pepper Chicken with a grateful yet runny-nosed co-worker. I want to try the Ma Po Tofu at Four Rivers so I can be the Tina Turner of a "Ma Po Tofu Thunderdome" (tofudome?) between those two and Chung King.