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Cabot's in Newton

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Hi all,

Thinking of taking my 3-year-old here for dinner while dad's out of town on business. Haven't been before and there are no recent posts . . . anything to recommend? Is it still as fun and good as past posts suggest? Reminds me of Bailey's, etc. of yester-year . . . is that accurate?


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  1. Be prepared for service that can range from inattentive to downright awful. One time when my wife and I went out there last summer, I could actually see the side of fries I'd ordered sit on the counter for over 20 minutes while I tried to flag a waitress to hand the bloody things to me. Our waitress finally delivered them while I was already deep into my sundae, at which point I refused them. Really astonishingly bad service, and I don't even recall it being a particularly busy day.

    Other than that, I really like Cabot's, if for no other reason than it's a complete anachronism. I've only ever had lunch there, but the sandwiches and burgers are quite tasty. However, the real reason to go is the dessert menu, which is filled with fountain items I haven't seen since I was a kid: Boston coolers! Parfaits with claret sauce!

    1. I grew up in Newton, so Cabot's is my reference point. It's very much a family place, a good call for taking children of any age short of "too cool to be seen with my parents." The service can be a little weird; high school girls in sneakers and short waitressing skirts are quite friendly but sometimes a wee tad forgetful. The family that owns the place are very nice. Of the food, well, my kiddo likes the foot longs on a buttered grilled bun. I abhor their pancakes, but their homemade chicken noodle soup carried me through pregnancies. Ice cream is cold; flavors are plentiful but not exotic. Have fun!

      1. waffles! but don't get the bacon. nuked and thin.

        1. Be aware that it's closed on Mondays. But I'm planning on going there for belgian waffles with french vanilla ice cream and strawberries for dinner tomorrow night....

          1. Cabot's has great frappes

            1. Does Cabot's have frozen yogurt? I remember the sundae used to be totally OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!

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                yes, they do frozen yogurt with one of those machines by which pretty much any flavor can be constructed by smooshing whatever ingredient on in....

              2. Belgian waffles are superb. Shaved steak sandwich is very good and I'm partial to their grilled cheese with ham and the lime rickeys. Lots of ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors.

                3-year-olds are very welcome and happy there. I joke that Cabots does a booming business in the demographic that nobody else wants: little kids, elderly folk, and teenagers. Closed Mondays, open early to quite late all the other days.

                1. I had many good meals there throughout my childhood. Always loved their foot-long hot dog. I still venture back for the raspberry-lime rickeys and the ice cream.

                  I always believed that they served Richardson's ice cream. Is that still the case?