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Jul 17, 2006 04:13 PM

Need reviews on Del Posto please

I want to dine here this week, and I am looking for any reviews. I am a huge fan of Mario Batali and enjoy all of his restaurants, but The NY Times and some other food critics gave bad reviews of the place. Just wondering if anyone has anything to say about the place.


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  1. Actually I thought it was quite good. I also was worried about a bunch of bad reviews but I went with a group of five two weeks ago and everything was wonderful. I think that with most of Mario's restaurants the pastas really shine, this place is no exception, they're definitely better than the entrees. My table had the spagetti & spicy crab sauce (excellent), Garganelli bolognese (excellent) and the braised veal Agnolotti (excellent). We also had the antipast sampler (okay) and for our mains we had the Rack of Veal for two (just okay), the Turbot for two (pretty good) and the italian version of cioppino (very small). My advice, go with a large group and try the pastas! Enjoy, and please don't be afraid.

    1. Thanks for the review!! I love his pastas as well! They melt in your mouth! I apprciat eyour input, Squirrel!

      1. I went there last week at thought dinner was average.. Really disappointing for the price also.. Service was poor, there was a line at the bathroom. Here is my review with photos

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          Wow! Thanks Daniel! Great pics, too! I can't belive $ 90.00 for that little seafood dish! I guess I am not missing anything, and I do not think I will be dining here!

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            Those are some very unappetizing looking plates all things considered about the restaurant. Very sloppy looking plating. For those prices I'd want a masterpiece presented to me!

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              thx -- stellar review if not food.

              i do wish the all-new 'hound would allow something like that, i mean talk about a picture is worth a thousand words!

            2. Yeah, I've seen a bunch of reviews like this, great pasta, mediocre entrees & really poor service. All I can say is that when I went, on a Wednesday evening the service was excellent. Take that for what it's worth

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                We stopped by Otto on Saturday and had great pasta there. Del Posto isn't the only place where Batali serves that up.

              2. Yah.. Right now Otto and Lupa are serving better food then Del Posto. I mean so is Bar Jamon and Casa Mono,(went to each over the passed two weeks) but they are just not serving the same genre.. I am going try and head over to the Spotted Pig tonight..