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Jul 17, 2006 04:13 PM

Best Vietnamese?

Looking for great Vietnamese food in NOLA. Suggestions?

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  1. Best for what? Pho, bahn mi, fancier stuff like quail or goat or beef seven ways? What part of town? Here's my personal, highly subjective list:
    --best pho: tie between Pho Dahn and Pho Tau Bay
    --best bahn mi: Pho Tau Bay (they use bread from Chez Pierre)
    --best all-around menu: Tan Dihn
    I admit, I'm weak on places in the East.

    1. The best Vietnamese is on the west bank. Hungry Celeste gave you some good places. I would add Kim Sum and Nine Roses all of which are on the west bank. There also is a great market with all Asian food called World Market, I think , on Behrman near Belle Chase.

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      1. re: Tonto

        The supermarket is Hong Kong Market, part of a Houston-based multi-outlet operation.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Wow, they finally opened after we left? And survived Katrina? I often drove by that location to check out the progress, and there never seemed to be any hope except for the sign! The Hong Kong Market in Houston is the best I've ever seen, including huge 99 Ranch Markets in Los Angeles.

          Our favorite Vietnamese restaurant was Tan Dinh, although the chef changed shortly before we left in 2004 and we didn't like his interpretations of some of the dishes as well as those of the previous chef. I'm glad to hear it's still open. My other perennial favorite for pho was the West Bank outpost of Pho Bang. We actually have a Pho Bang relative here in Phoenix, with a much more extensive menu than the New Orleans branches.

          Sarah C

          1. re: kittyfood

            Oh, yeah--they're doing great business, and they reopened quickly after Katrina. It's a cool store; good prices on fresh produce, a staggering selection of dry goods, and an extensive frozen foods section. Fresh, live fish, live crabs, lots of different seafood (esp finfish), and many variety meats hard to find in our general market. I'm glad to know that it holds up to the 99 Ranch standard.

            Sarah, Tan Dinh is almost upscale in environment these days compared to its original location! In a brand-new strip mall with a spacious paved parking lot, english-speaking wait staff, and a thoroughly modern air.

        2. re: Tonto

          I love Kim Sun and Nine Roses, and would also add Three Happiness to the list, though I don't know if they're still open...

        3. Thank you Hungry Celeste and Tonto. I like pho and my daughters like the grilled meats and the noodles. Banh mi is wonderfrul for lunch. I'll have to get a map and figure out where the west bank is and then try to find these places.

          1. Pho Tau bay is good and I also am very fond of the Nine Roses. We'll have to wait and see how the Vietnamese community of NO east does--it appears they are determined to rebuild--it appears they are determined. I guess when you went through the Vietnam war and the fall of Saigon, Katrina is just an inconveience.

            Note: the Hi-Do bakery on Terry Parkway, run by Vietnamese, has some of the best french bread in town. As good as the Duong Phuong from NO east.

            1. If you happen to be in Baton Rouge, we have a number of good Pho places. Cafe Asia on 3rd street downtown happens to be my favorite (and one of the better restuarants in town). There are also some very good place around "litttle saigon" near the corner of Florida Blvd and Sherwood Forest.