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I'm going to Mercadito tonight. What's good?

What should I avoid? Experiences? Stories? Thanks!!

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  1. I really like their ceviche sampler along with the fish and carne asada tacos.

    1. I liked those too, the guacamole sampler was also good. Didn't have anything to avoid. The service, ambiance, and quality are all very good. Prepare to pay a lot for a small amount of food is my only caveat.

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        "Prepare to pay a lot for a small amount of food is my only caveat."


      2. There's been a lot of debate about the value of Mercadito, ie how much you pay for their food.

        I've always found their food quality to be good vs. the quantity. That is, there may only be a few tacos per plate, but I walk away from the meal satisfied and having paid an overall bill similar to other places of the same quality.

        All that said, I'd recommend their shrimp tacos, and the mariscos (seafood) tacos. And their margaritas are great, especially the ones with chile peppers.

        1. though the ingredients are high quality and the combinations are inventive, i don't find the experimentation to be altogether successful. overrated.

          1. Beef tacos are excellent

            1. thank you for the insight/advice, everybody!

              1. the sangria is fantastic!

                1. Please report back as I am planning on going for the 1st time Wed eve!

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                    hello hello.
                    I just returned from dinner. I was in a group of 10 and there is a special 4 course fixed price menu that we all got forced into having, so unfortunatly I didn't have a chance to look at the proper menu. The dinner turned out to be pretty good. It was a fixed price of $35.

                    It started out with a grilled shrimp appetizer with vegetable ceviche and a chipotle broth. I was skeptical about the size of the shrimp but they were pretty big. They kept the head on too which I enjoyed. The veggie ceviche was pretty much a salsa and the broth was excellent. Next course were 4 mini chicken tacos. Really fresh, but nothing spectacular. The next course was a grilled skirt steak with beans and some creamed onion dish, I don't recall on the menu what it was, but it tasted pretty good. The dessert was fried plaintains with this great caramel sauce. it satisfied what little sweet tooth I have.

                    The portions weren't too small and the overall dinner left me quite satisfied.

                    The margaritas are super fresh. My party tried a lot of different kinds. I then tried theirs. I personally stuck with the Cheladas.

                    I had a pretty good time. Apparently every Monday night they have this 4 course special. Each Monday focuses on a different part of Mexico. Tonight was the Gulf Coast.

                    Check it out and I hope this helped.

                    Thanks everybody for your tips and recommendations.

                  2. Cucumber margarita
                    Guac tasting
                    Baja tacos

                    They have some other fish tacos with huitlacoche that are to die for.

                    1. I went the other night & had the cucumber marg (very good but not as spicy as I thought it would be) the 3 guac sampler (great, and filling betw 2 people), the shrimp ceviche (I'm not a huge ceviche eater, this was good but next time I'll try the fried oysters instead) and shared the shrimp tacos & the carne tacos - both of which were awesome, ths shrimp in particular. It was just the right amt of food for 2 people.