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Jul 17, 2006 03:26 PM

menus for Audobon Circle and Beacon Street Tavern

Do you know if I can view these menus online, going to Sox tonight and want to check out the menus?

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  1. I don't think either menu is online, unfortunately. If anyone knows of a site that has either menu, I'd love to know, too!

    1. Paul:
      I can't find the menus, but maybe we can answer some questions for you. In general, Audubon is a little more casual (the menu and the atmosphere).

      1. do you know the price range for each and can I get an idea of menu items? I know that Audobon serves a good burger, hwta other choices might I find at each?

        1. Check out to find a Washington Square Tavern menu; that's the parent restaurant, and judging from a gander I had at the Beacon St Tavern's menu over a beer the other night, it's very similar, though it looks longer. I recall a lot of sandwich platters in the low teens that I don't see on the online WST menu. A good sized sidewalk patio, elevated slightly off the street, a very good idea.

          Audobon is similarly priced: apps and sandwiches all in the $5-10 range, a few big salads and entrees that run $12-20, something like that. Excellent veggie burger (my favorite in town), superb hamburger, many fine others: spicy beef quesadilla, pressed sandwiches (jerky turkey, green apple and brie, a respectable Cuban), grilled shrimp, potstickers (served in a Chinese takout box), garlicky white-bean spread with grilled bread, a seared tuna entree, a couple of salads with grilled chicken as an optional add-on, usually some kind of soup or chowder.

          Hmm, that's all from memory, I must eat there a lot! Excellent cocktails, too, by the way, including a terrific margarita. Don't miss the little patio out back, either.

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            MC Slim JB, I think I love you. I've been looking for a site to compare with (for NYC) for Boston. Thanks for the link.

            1. re: Patricia

              There is a Menupages for Boston. It's very good, but always misses a few, including Audobon. I think they have 1200 restaurants total for the area. It's only been around a few months.

          2. Beacon Street Tavern -- bunch of platters between $13-$17, that come with a choice of fries (shoestring, regular, or sweet potato). This includes steak tips, turkey tips, burger, and a couple other options.
            The entrees start around $15 and go up to about $23. The eggplant napoleon is one of the less expensive options and is delicious.
            The best part of the BST is the wine list. Good values up and down the list. Lots of unique options between $45-$65.

            Audubon Circle -- a variety of appetizers and sandwiches under $12. The reuben is tasty and the apps are easy to share (though not huge portions). Good margaritas and decent beer selection. Never really got tried the entrees, but I think most of them are under $20.