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Jul 17, 2006 03:12 PM

Near Davis Square...

Hi All,

I am wanting to try something new in the Davis Square area tonight. I was thinking about Cafe Barada, Marasta on Elm, or the new asian place called BeJapons (or something like that!) Any thoughts on these places or anything other interesting suggestions?


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  1. Martsa on Elm is pretty good, though I like House of Tibet in Teele Square better.

    Cafe Barada is excellent; their soups, salads, grape leaves, and hommous are all very good. And the owner is a really nice guy who seems to take a lot of pride in the place.

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        Just to report, all this food talk around my house was making me hungry. I stopped at Cafe Barada on the way home and got the falafel sandwich with hummus. It was huge, and delicious. My favorite falafel experience in Boston, so far. Not as good as Mamoun's in the Village, but I will surely be back to this place. Thanks foodies!

      2. Benjapon's is not that great (search board for review, more of a fast food/take-out place) ...Barada is good (ask for hot sauce on your falafel)...House of Tibet is very good...Sabur (across the street from HoT on Holland) has an outside patio (middle-eastern) is good too...

        1. Cafe Barada is actually not in Davis Square, but it is within walking distance. It's on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge, at the traffic light where the big church is.

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            The address is:
            2269 Massachusetts Ave.

          2. I'm a big fan of the ting-mo and the curried pumpkin at Martsa on Elm.

            Namaskar is great too-- the Mysore Masala Dosai is huge and very spicy.

            If you want to spend a little more, Gargoyle's On the Square is always a good bet for a nice evening.

            1. Other possibilities n Mass Ave -- Qingdao Garden, Greek Corner, Bengal Cafe.