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Jul 17, 2006 03:11 PM

heirloom tomatoes and shelling beans in SF markets?

Anyone seeing shelling beans or heirloom tomatoes yet in SF markets? Suggestions on places to look for farm-raised local produce today (not farmer's market, obviously).


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  1. I have yet to see fresh shelling beans (though favas are still around). Due to the weather verything's late this year.

    1. I would recommend being careful with the heirloom tomatoes until later in the season. The heirlooms I got at the farmer's market on Saturday were not very flavorful - and I got several different kinds. Quite disappointing.

      1. If you can wait until tomorrow you will probably find fresh black eyed peas at one of the farmers markets. I've been getting them at the Alemany market for the last few weeks and they've just been getting better and better.
        I know you aked for a store, but there are small markets mid week around the city.

        1. Real Food on Polk carries a lot of the same local farm organic produce you'll find at better farmers markets.

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            I picked up some Early Girl's at Real Food last week and they were quite tasty.

          2. I got heirlooms at the Alameda farmers market last week and they were really pretty good. Didn't see any beans however.