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Jul 17, 2006 03:07 PM

Near Severn/Hanover/Odenton?

My husband and I moved fairly recently to Severn, but haven't checked out many non-chain restaurants near us. Does anyone have an suggestions? We try to stay under $20 each for the entree.

The only place we've really been is the Italian Market in Waugh Chapel.

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  1. There's a very good and quirky little place toward Annapolis in Crownsville -- on Generals Highway - called Sputnik. Somewhat Asian fusion, but innovative, fun and good.

    I haven't been, but heard that Big Fish, near Waugh Chapel, is good. Also, Christophers on Route 3 in Crofton is a decent place. And, by the way, Italian Market is a chain, at least in Maryland. There is also Thai Ghour in Glen Burnie -- good Thai food.

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      I know there's one more Italian Market in Annapolis, but it's the only place that isn't Applebees or Don Pablos I've been able to get my husband to try...

    2. Cantina Mamma Lucia is on Dorsey Rd. It's an Italian place that has good pizza. No wait staff though. Go up order food and pick it up when ready. Just like Italian Market.

      There's a Thai place right next door that just recently opened up and has gotten very good reviews from the people I know that have been there.

      Key West is OK too. It's in the Ramada Inn off of Coca-Cola drive (you can see it from Rt. 100).

      We've also had good food at House of Welsh at the Day's Inn off of Dorsey Rd. near the Rt. 1 intersection.

      I don't care for Big Fish - very overpriced. I believe a shrimp cocktail with only about 5 medium shrimp was about $11.00

      I've heard that Fins is supposed to be good in the shopping center where KMart is. Some type of Hawaii/fushion food. Haven't been there though.

      Not in your price range requirements, but very good is Trattoria Alberto on Business Rt. 3 near Hospital Drive. Very, very pricey.

      Stay far away from the seafood place at the intersection of Rt. 170 and Quarterfield/Donaldson Ave. It's awful. If you want take home seafood go to Shoreline on Rt. 3.

      I'll try and think of some others...

      ETA - For wonderful ribs - go to Adam's Ribs in Severna Park (that's the closest location - other locations in Annapolis)

      1. I second Mamma Lucia's and the Thai place next door. Mamma Lucia's has dining "alfresco" (if you don't mind a view of the parking lot) and an old man who plays accordion on Saturday nights.

        1. Try Kaufmann's in Gambrills:

          You are not far from G&M Restaurant (currently closed due to a fire) Timbuktu, Gunnings, and the Olive Grove. G&M has its detractors on this board, but I personally like the crabcakes there, especially as a take-out un-cooked, so I can ensure that they are not dried out.

          I kept going back to Fins trying to like, it, but the service was uneven and the food could go one way or the other depending on the day.

          For a plesant drive some weekend day, go to Pirates Cove in Galesville.

          Then there is Mare E Monti, an Italian place in a strip mall in Bowie. In the same strip mall is a good Chinese restaurant whose name escapes me. It has a cool fish pond in the lobby.

          Oh, and there is another Chinese restaurant on Defense Highway in Crofton behind the Burger King that I enjoyed.

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            Unfortunately, Mare e Monti at Bowie's Free State Mall closed some 3 or so years ago. The chef/owner joined his brother at the very good Pasta Plus in Laurel.

            Grace's Fortune is the name of the Chinese place in Bowie.

          2. I like Bangkok Kitchen for Thai food on 175. No atmosphere, but good food, attentive service.