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Jul 17, 2006 02:23 PM

Mom's birthday cake request: whipped cream frosting

My Mom is irritated about the 70th birthday dinner my aunt is throwing. I suppose she's irritated about turning 70. Anyhow, I FINALLY forced her to tell me what kind of cake she wanted, and the answer is, grudgingly (and after mentioning she prefered pie anyway)..."something with whipped cream, not sweet, candy-like icing"

So, I want to do a layer cake (yellow butter cake layers) with whipped cream frosting and fruit filling. I don't need a cake recipe, but I' a little unsure about the other components.

I don't think I've ever frosted a cake w/ whipped cream, how much stabilizing to I need to do? I can frost the cake a few hours before the party, but it will have to be transported...and this is South Carolina...and we're having a heat wave.

As to the filing, I would like to make three different fruit filling layers. Perhaps peach, blackberry, raspberry. I have considered making lemon curd and flavoring it three ways. Or making a pastry cream and doing the same. Or the Cloud Creams in the Cake Bible. Opinions? My husband says my fruit fillings always disappear into the cake, so I don't want to do a simple layer of fruit puree.

Many thanks, cake experts !

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  1. For the whipped cream frosting. You may want to consider using half whipping cream and half mascarpone cheese whipped together with a bit of confectionary sugar and vanilla. The cheese offers stability to the cream and adds a nice texture without killing the flavor. It also lends nicely to fruit fillings.

    For the fruit fillings, the curd or pastry cream sound terrific and then why not add layers of fresh fruit (or mascerated fruit) atop each curd layer? Just a thought. This sounds like a summer trifle.

    Hope this helped. Good luck.

    1. To stabilize a pure whipped cream frosting, dissolve 1 t. of unflavored gelatin into a few tablespoons of warm liquid. After you whip your cream into soft peaks, gently fold the gelatin mixture into the cream. You can use any liquid you like to add a hint of flavor to the cream. Liqueurs works well. I've used Kahlua for a toffee cake, Chambord or Cointreau for fruit-based cake, etc.

      My biggest concern is that you will be transporting the cake in a hot car. I'm not sure any cream-based frosting will survive that. If you have a large cooler, use that to transport your cake.

      Good luck!

      1. If she prefers pie, then give her pie! We regularly do that for those who prefer them. Most pies will support candles very well. My daughter made a lemon tart for my birthday and I was very happy.

        1. You'll be fine with the whipped cream as long as you transport it separately in a cooler and spread it all over the cake when you get there.
          Since your making a fruity cake, it's delicious to add some raspberry puree and some confectioners sugar to the whipped cream for "raspberry mousse". Make sure you strain the seeds out (frozen/thawed raspberries work best)and you can also add a Tbsp. of Framboise too.
          I never tried it with raspberry jam instead of the puree/comfectioners sugar, but I bet that would work too.

          1. Since whipped cream needs to be kept cool, I think you want to use a chiffon cake and not a butter cake. The butter cake will become hard and dense in the fridge, while chiffon or other genoise cake will stay soft.

            That said. If you don't have to do major hot car transportation, regular heavy whipping cream whipped up with vanilla, powder sugar wil be stable enough. Refridgate your bowl and beater will also help. Adding brandy or rum will give more punch to your frosting (depending on your fruite flavoring).

            I've found with curd and other runnier filling, it's good to use a ring of raspberry or mandarian oranges as 'rim protection' on the outside edge of the cake. This way as you layer more things on the heaviness will not squeeze out all your filling.

            Also, if you are doing more than two layers, insert a bamboo skewing down the center to stablize your cake.

            Good luck.