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Jul 17, 2006 02:17 PM

off night at Taverna Kyclades

Oh, I HOPE it was because it was kind of late on a Sunday night!!! Our waiter was for the very first time gruff, brusque and inhospitable, my scallops were shriveled and somewhat flavorless, the lamb chop platter was slyly and heavily supplemented with cheaper cuts and they were out of almost everything.

I just hope hope hope it's because the owner was on vacation or something. It was our first bad experience after eating there several times in the last year or two.

As a side note, we stopped at 718 for aperitifs during the wait and paid $16 for 2 insolently weak Campari and sodas. Is it me, or are the corruptive, creeping rents in Astoria starting to affect our dining experiences as well? What happened to our earnest, cute little nabe?

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  1. Probably late on a Sunday night. The seafood at Kyklades is usually very fresh.
    Although I fail to find the oversimplicity of the food appealing to my taste, it is a very busy joint and the turnover is very high. I have also found, by lunching with friends and family through the years, that if you sternly request several times for the food to be dressed in traditional Greek style you may actually get some things on the side. The last time we visited my dining pal requested the fish be dressed in the traditional lemon olive oil emulsion that is typically classic traditional Greek style and after the fish was received he made a little more noise and the sauce arrived on the side. No salt added, but we added quite a bit to the foods on the table to make them more palatable.
    I would sum it up to a late Sunday Night for your experience.
    BYT, FWIW, the owner is not Greek and he is not from Greece, no less from the island group of the Kyklathes (Cyclades).

    1. BTW, 718's mediocre price fixe brunch is $22... and that's not pesos.

      1. Thank you for your Kyclades report. I've been waiting for a more recent report on this place as we've been meaning to dine there.

        I also posted our dinner at 718 about a month back. As I wrote in my post, the food was OK, but overall the prices were not in line with the quality and the ambiance.

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          I'm hoping that you shouldn't give up on them yet!
          I'm a fan of (very) simply prepared, (VERY) fresh seafood, and TK has always been a favorite of mine. Just don't go on a Sunday night I guess, and I'll cross my fingers that they haven't lost their touch.
          However, 718 is a another story. Sometimes after a while I forget that I can't even stand just stopping by for a drink. That place really gets my goat.

        2. The original comment has been removed