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Jul 17, 2006 01:52 PM

Thoughts on Union

Probably going to attempt Union in the South end for RW. Any recent experiences?

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  1. Quoting a couple of recent posts of mine on Union under normal operation and during RW:

    Union Bar & Grill -- dressy/casual South End glamour, very solid New American food (not especially creative), tremendous service, excellent desserts, fine bartending. I wish the wine list were more globe-trotting, but that's a quibble. My default crowd-pleasing choice when I don't know the crowd's tastes.

    I ended up getting dragged to a couple of RW meals this spring, at Union and Caffe Umbra. In both cases, the kitchens put their best foot forward, but the staff was clearly harried and not having fun. The Caffe Umbra crew were more gracious about it; my Union server looked like he wanted to kill everyone in the room. That's a big step down at a place where service is usually amazing.

    1. I had RW at Union 2 summers ago. It was fine. I enjoyed it more on a regular night.

      1. I had a great experience there last RW, service was gracious and the food excellent. Perhaps an isolated RW incident by the previous poster?