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Jul 17, 2006 10:07 AM

NY Noodletown Problem

After our usual won ton & noodle soup, my friend and I decided to split an order of clams with black bean sauce and Chinese vegatables with oyster sauce. The vegetables were fine, but the clams were a huge disappointment. They tasted old, fishy, and just plain bad. We sent them back and there was no argument from the waiter; the clams were taken off the bill. The clams tasted like they had been sitting around for a long time - not fresh at all. It was surprising to me since this was the first time I've experienced anything like that at NY Noodletown. I'm sure it was a fluke, but I probably won't be ordering clams there for a while. We should have had the soft shell crabs!

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  1. sorry to hear of your experience. I only eat the duck there.

    but, I have been warned to avoid seafood Sun/Mon as the likelihood of tip top freshness is low with the fish markets closed over the weekend.

    better to have sent back than to have gotten sick.

    1. I've had them several times and they are excellent. I got hip to it when I was there one day and looked around and saw them on like 8 tables, so I ordered them. I wouldn't stick them on the avoid list just yet.

      1. i love this place...salt baked shrimp, so good

        1. I never tried their clams in black beans because I just don't like that dish in general, but from how good their other dishes are I think it just may have been a bad day for clams there..

          Their salt baked everything is great. Last week they served me the largest, freshest, crisp on the outside and meaty/juicy inside soft shell crab I ever had. They were enormous. Of couse we started out with the shrimp dumpling soup (no noodles) and had bbq pork and sauteed pea shoots and flowering chive with roast duck. The meal was so good that my buddy and I sat and drank tea for awhile and then ordered more soup and soft shell crabs and had an entire second meal.

          The thing I like best is their homemade hot chili in oil condiment. It has some citrus component that makes it great. I always try to get the recipe but they won't tell me so I pay a buck or two to get a large container to go home.

          1. I always get: salt baked shrimp, duck with pea shoots, and the sea bass with flowering chives. Makes my eyes roll back in my head.