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Jul 17, 2006 06:42 AM

sam's or delfina on channel road

of course there are giorgio baldi and brass cap. but are there any thoughts
on these other places on channel road? i haven't risked it yet. yes, i consider restaurants
to be risky. one can lose a lot at an unsatisfying one.

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  1. Sam's was a fantastic dinner. Sam is a wonderful host and the food was excellent. Cafe Delfini is also good, more casual though. Standard Italian fare. Sam's is more continental.

    1. Sam's is a terrific local restaurant. This guy gets up early in the morning and buys fish downtown at the japanese fish markets. Ask for the fish special. It will be as fresh as fish can get.

      If you want the right Sam's experience, ask him to do a tasting menu "Put something together for us" and you'll get all the specials and it will be very fun. He has an interesting and fairly unique (but small) selection of wines. Including some from the mid-east.

      Uni risotto sweetened with melon was a big surprise and I tend to order it often (appetizer). I've had some terrific kobe beef there (he doesn't usually have it, so don't be disappointed if doesn't have it).

      And a nice local, informal feel. Sam is charming, and so is the fun and funny frenchman Jean Michel.