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Jul 17, 2006 05:21 AM

Five Days Before Rome

I'm headed to Italy for 10 days. The last five are going to be spent in Rome, where I used to live. I'm meeting up with my foodie/chef brother who lives in France. Anyways, we are trying to decide what to do for the first half. I've already done: cinque terra, florence/tuscany, umbria, amalfi coast/capri, and sicily. I also don't want to spend time traveling too far north or south. So I think we looking at Lazio, Campania (other than the coast), or Abruzzo. Any ideas? And great off the beaten path tips? Should we road trip or stick to the train lines? Where is the best food? Anyone done the Abruzzo coast? Thanks!

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  1. there were some great posts on the Marche last year, and it is a beautiful region. Check out the website too - on the italian version of the site you dont have to register to look at their recommended osterie.

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      I can get to the restaurant listings (names and addreses only) on the English slowfood site, and I've heard you can get the full reviews in Italian on the Italian site. But I can't manage to get to them. Can you please provide a link or specific instructions? Thanks.


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        Anyone who follows slow food and traveling to Italy should do themselves a huge favor. Once in Italy, make a bookstore your first stop and pick one of these up. Mind you, you can only get the Italy Slow Food Guide in Italian, even here in the states, so thats why it is easier to just pick one up when you get there. Most bookstores will carry it. It is not small, or cheap, but WELL worth it.

        We just got back from our fourth trip to italy in four years and over the years have gotten smarter at where to eat. Each trip has never been to the same area twice (with the exception of qick re-visits to Rome and Florence)and our most recent was Milan, Verona (and Valpolicella), Bologna and Venice. Previous trips included all of the areas you mentioned except Sicily. The Slow Food Guide, by far, is the best investment you can get before going to Italy. I want to do my last three trips all over again with the guide.


      2. When I go to the Italian website and click on what translates as:
        Chosen for You
        The councils of Slow Food on taverns, wine cellars and cheeses...

        I get a message that it is under construction. I can't see any other links that make sense but I am dealing with a Google translation and it may be off.

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          yeah, Sharon is right, they seem to be reconfiguring the site - you would click on the "scelti per Voi" link,and get through to this info but it is not working at the moment. If you register, you can still get the basic info on the English site, but not the reviews.